About Us

The company was incorporated on 21st June 2012 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956.


We are professionally managed marketing company of Pharmaceuticals products in India. Our operational (Sales & Marketing) domain consists of all generation of medicine, antibiotic, gastroenterology, neutraceutical, analgesic, cardiology, orthopaedic, neurology, nephrology products and so on.

We have positioned remarkably as an active mass especially in major districts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhatishgarh with our more than 50 vibrant team members of sales and marketing. We are professionally managed Company and is engaged in marketing of more than 35 products in the aforesaid region.

We have planned expansion of marketing area in Uttar Pradesh and make our presence in the state of Orissa.

Our presence is acknowledged among doctors of Central and North-Eastern Region of India.

Our team members update doctors with on-going changes in medical science through conducting CME (Continued Medical Education). Further, our team member along with doctors organise camps to make society aware through well designed electronic programme on the issues of asthama, AIDS, Diabetics, anaemia etc.


Commitment to Excellence

Driven by a passion for excellence, we maintain the highest standards in every aspect of our operations.


Innovation and Research

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our state-of-the-art research facilities are equipped with the latest technologies,


Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond business success, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to the communities we serve.


Patient-Centric Approach

Patients are at the heart of our endeavors. We are dedicated to understanding their needs, challenges, and aspirations,